DC Haunted Houses

The month of October is, for a lot of people, the time of the year that really starts to get a lot of fun. People typically love October because it is the first month that really feels completely like Autumn. What with the beautiful multi-colored leaves, the influx of cider mills all over the place, and all of the different pie flavors that everyone seems to love to eat, including apple and sweet potato pie that are the standards of the season. However, many people seem to really enjoy October because, at the end of the season, Halloween comes. Halloween is an extremely special time of the year for a lot of people. For many, it's because it is the beginning of the holiday season, which is enough to get most people excited, because the Holiday season brings on a time of warm family values, delicious food, and gift-giving. But for many, Halloween is the most exciting time of the Holiday season because it is a time for us to embrace our fears. This means that the movie theatres are ripe with horror films, costume parties dot the land, and haunted hay rides are aplomb. However, an extremely popular form of entertainment around Halloween-time is haunted houses! For the uninitiated, haunted houses are large, re purposed structures that have been decorated to reflect the general great fears of people, such as cobwebs, bloody walls, and demonic doctor's offices reflecting some terrifying ritual done in the past. They are also, usually, occupied by actors in costumes that are the stuff out of nightmares, dedicated to scaring whoever is foolish enough to pay the price of admission. This, for many people, is the greatest part of the season. However, many people are upset after leaving a Haunted House, not because they got so scared that they forgot what they had for breakfast, but because that is usually the only haunted hosue they will be able to attend that year. And for many people, that is just kind of a bummer. However, there is a fantastic way to solve this all-too-common problem, and that's by gathering a group of friends together to rent a party bus to transport you to all of the best Haunted Houses in your area! The following guide will highlight to you the benefits of hiring a Party Bus, especially for the purposes of transporting you on a frightening night filled with demons and drinks!

A Party Bus is a large bus that is basically a fun-filled mobile party! It comes stocked with multi-colored interior lights, built-in sound systems, as well as fully-functional coolers that can contain any sort of drink that you wish, including alcoholic. That being said, it is completely legal for the passengers of a party bus to consume alcohol while on board of the bus. This makes party buses an extremely preferable form of transportation for nights of debauchery because no one will have to be the designated driver, except for the responsible driver assigned to your bus by the party bus company. Party buses are typically used for transporting groups celebrating an occasion, such as a bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal parties on the way to the wedding cocktail parties, and 21st birthday celebrations, but they can be utilized for whatever reason you desire! For this reason, haunted houses are a fantastic way to utilize a party bus service, because whenever you come across a haunted house that is particularly scary, you can unwind aboard a party bus with your greatest of friends, and give yourself the liquid courage to move on to the next Haunted House. If done this way, the Haunted House experience can become more and more fun as the night goes on!