A bit about Washington Party Bus

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People in the Washington D.C. area work long hours and a great amount of them are spent in stressful situations so it's no wonder that they enjoy a night out on the town or heading to a sporting event in order to unwind. If you're planning a special event for a large amount of people or you simply need to transport you and your significant other then there's no doubt in our minds that Washington Party Bus will be able to assist you.

Throughout our years in service, Washington Party Bus has provided some of the highest quality transportation services in the area. In order to stay in business we need to ensure that our service is a cut above the rest. Because we do so much repeat business we can only say that it is. So whether you're looking for a romantic night out or you're looking to move a large group of people, Washington Party Bus has got you covered.

Providing only the best!

Here are Washington Party Buses we are dedicated to providing affordable luxury transportation services to people of all of the citizens of the Washington D.C. Beltway area not simply the privileged few. We've been repeated told that we have the best party buses in the District of Colombia and we very proud of that sentiment. We go above and beyond to hire the best luxury vehicle masters builders and cleaning staff and it shows. We offer exceedingly high quality which is why our customers are so loyal to us.

We don't simply hire bus drivers, we hire only top class certified chauffeurs. These chauffeurs are the best in the business. They're extensively interviewed, as well as, drug tested, written tested, and road tested before they are even permitted to drive one of our high end party buses. We do this to ensure we only hire the very best chauffeurs.

Safety and quality are paramount

Before each and every trip we check and recheck your vehicle to ensure your complete safety. No other party bus company in the area is so thorough in going about and beyond for the safety of their customers. We believe that our customers are the most important part of our success, and we intend to continue providing quality service to show our gratitude. We do everything possible to make sure our customers remain safe and comfortable when in our care. We can't wait to make your next trip or big event a success.